Lexis Hotels & Resorts Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1995 and is steadfast in providing professional management services for hotels and resorts. Lexis has successfully built a strong profitable and visible premier niche brand in the hospitality industry. With the current unique water chalets and pool villas, it has established itself as an aspirational brand and has aligned itself with award winning architects in the management of new hotels and resorts.

Our Motto
Hospitality is our Passion.
Our Vision
  • To deliver a unique hospitality experience of international standards.
  • To be one of the country's leading hotel operators.
Our Values
  • Practise efficient and prudent management in a professional manner without compromising quality to ensure optimum returns for owners and investors.
  • Commit to provide high quality of service and exceptional guest experience as our key priority.
  • Maintaining transparency, integrity, honesty and care in all our business dealings.
  • Foster teamwork and cooperation among team members to achieve personal and corporate goals.
  • Seek and implement new innovative and creative ideas to counter all challenges and meet the expectations of owners and investors.
  • Invest in human capital development to ensure career development of team members and enhancement in the delivery of service.
  • Implement sustainability programmes by promoting and adopting responsible environmental practices.
  • Provide care for the community by engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility activities.
Our expertise as hotel operator includes:-

  • Brand marketing
  • Central reservation system and online reservation system
  • Tie up with agents in the Asian region
  • Development of a partnership
  • Human resource/training
  • Design, renovation and maintenance of the property