As part of our business strategy we seek to expand our management services with owners and developers who share our corporate objectives of providing value and commitment. Our marketing and management fees are competitive and reasonable. We do not overprice ourselves in today's competitive market and our rates are, of course negotiable, depending on the size of the hotel/resort.

For transparency and for owners to have a better understanding of our fee structure, we outlined the main fees chargeable by Lexis:-

During Pre-Opening Stage

At pre-opening stage, we provide technical advisory services to Owners and to its architect, contractors, engineers and interior designers but limited to reviewing the design, architecture and engineering plans and specifications as prepared by the Owners relating to the work to be completed by the Owners and to confirm that such plans and specifications comply with operating standards and to provide general recommendations on the hotel/resort and facilities.

On an overall basis, a certain amount of technical fee (RMX per room key) is chargeable over the development period of 36 months i.e. for a 200 room hotel, the fee will be calculated as below:-

(200 x RMX) / 36 months = RMXXX per month

Post Opening of Hotel / Resort

A Marketing Fee equivalent to a percentage of Rooms Revenue will be chargeable during the tenure of the contract. A Management Fee will be chargeable based on a certain percentage of Gross Operating Revenue as well as of Gross Operating Profit during the tenure of the contract.

The management contract will be for a minimum of 10 years, renewable for an additional 5 years. All the above fee is subject to negotiation, depending on the size of the property involved.

Should you wish to enquire about our management services, please contact us at tiuky@lexis.my