Lexis® Port Dickson

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Lexis® Port Dickson Water Chalets
“Smart Living Above Sea Water”

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Project Lexis
Location Port Dickson
No of Rooms *280 water chalets
*112 serviced suites
Open Since August 2006

Lexis Port Dickson is a charming Port Dickson resort designed with a tropical Balinese touch that combines elegance and comfort. Nestled in a cosy environment, all guestrooms come with balcony and are accented with Balinese-inspired tumble stone and tropical hardwood flooring, elevated bedrooms as well as open concept bathroom with transparent glass panel for underneath seawater viewing.

Exterior View at Lexis Port Dickson

Water Chalet View at Lexis Port Dickson

Premium Water Chalet at Lexis Port Dickson

A Couple in a Jacuzzi at Lexis Port Dickson

Fishing Activity at Lexis Port Dickson  



Amenities & Facilities

Dining and facilities of Lexis PD

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