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How to Plan Your Next Family Vacation
in the Time of COVID-19

Published October 19, 2020


family vacation special moments by the beach
With the interstate travel ban finally being lifted,
families can now enjoy family vacations more than ever.


Ever since we have successfully flattened the curve and the spread of COVID-19 infection has been greatly reduced to a minimal, we’re once again free to journey domestically as the Malaysian Government lifted the interstate travel ban.

The whole of Malaysia rejoices as we can finally stretch our legs and go for long-overdue family vacations and reunite with faces and places that we have been kept away from for months on end. Even within Malaysia itself, we are spoilt for choice as beautiful beach resorts are aplenty, especially family friendly beach resorts with bucketloads of fun and excitement awaiting guests of all ages.

Nothing paints the picture of a perfect Malaysian family vacation more than a weekend of quality time with your loved ones embracing the sun, sand and sea at a family friendly beach resort. Even with many restrictions still in place and a distinct wariness in the air, with the right planning and precautions, you can still enjoy a fun-filled family vacation in Malaysia, especially with stricter health and safety measures being implemented in most of the beach resorts in Malaysia. 


beach resort with private pool perfect for families
What a better way to spend the perfect family vacation than booking a resort by the beach?


Here’s a couple of pointers on how to plan a perfectly safe family vacation in Malaysia despite this pandemic, so that you can make the best of your Malaysian family vacation and enjoy what the beach resorts in Malaysia have to offer:


1. Location, Location, Location! – Where to Go?

romantic couple enjoying short getaway at beach resort malaysia
Rekindle the romance with your spouse with a romantic
yet relaxing staycation at a Malaysian beach resort.


There may be hundreds of potential beach resorts in Malaysia for your picking, but further distance equals more travelling, more contact with people and frequently-touched surfaces, so it would be in your best interest to go for family friendly beach resorts that are closer to home as you will have more control over your surroundings.

For those from the Klang Valley, fret not as the beautiful sunny beaches of Port Dickson are just a stone’s throw (around an hour’s drive to be exact) away! And spread out along the 18km stretch of sandy white beaches are numerous lovely beach resorts perfect for your next Malaysian family vacation.

Coming out on top with its nature-luxe design and sea-meets-private pool setup is Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson and Grand Lexis Port Dickson. With nearly a thousand of rooms and overwater villas with private pools to offer, both resorts offer a sheltered setting for your family to enjoy a splashing fun time under the sun and surrounded by the sea within the refuge and comfort of your own hotel room.


2. Fuel for Your Body – What to Eat?

enjoy breakfast with your family in the private space of your own room
Feast like kings and queens with a delectable spread at your family friendly beach resort.

As Malaysians, we are known to be irrationally obsessed with food wherever we go, family vacations are not exempted. Food is especially important to fuel your body so that you would have more energy to play and experience all that Malaysian beach resorts have in store for your next Malaysian Family Vacation. 

Choose a family friendly beach resort with in-house restaurants and eateries so that you won’t even need to leave the resort in order to satisfy whatever cravings that might hit you and your family during your vacation, especially for those delectable Malaysian delicacies that are simply too tempting to resist. 

Sumptuous buffets are definitely worth looking forward to when vacationing at family friendly beach resorts. Beach resorts like Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, Grand Lexis Port Dickson and Lexis Suites Penang have introduced new normal-friendly dining concepts serving up Malaysian and international buffet spreads to ensure that you can still get your buffet fix from their in-house restaurants during your family vacation.


3. Planning the Perfect Itinerary – What to Do?

family spending time in lexis beach resort in Malaysia
Staying at a family friendly beach resort allows you to spend some
quality time with your family while indulging in fun-tastic activities.


When planning the itinerary for your next family vacation to a Malaysian beach resort, you will need to consider what everyone likes and find activities that would suit the whole family. A well-planned out itinerary will ensure that you have ample time to experience all that a family friendly beach resort has to offer. 

Don’t forget to do a quick research on your destination of choice and list out the nearby attractions that would interest you and your family members, this would make it a whole lot easier for you to map out time and energy-saving routes. Planning a Malaysian family vacation to a UNESCO World Heritage city like Penang is guaranteed to be eventful and fun for the entire family. Rich with heritage sites and tourist attractions, Penang, Malaysia has plenty to offer when it comes to family vacationing sightseeing. Not to mention the island is Malaysia’s unofficial food capital, making it perfect for a gastronomic family vacation.

When visiting Penang, one of the best family friendly beach resort would definitely be Lexis Suites Penang where each suite comes with it’s own private pool and private steam room, making it perfect for a safe and fuss-free family vacation in Malaysia during this COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, don't forget to check or call ahead to make sure that the places on your itinerary will be open and whether there’s any changes to their current operating hours.


4. Know Your Pandemic Essentials – What to Pack?

family enjoying time together in Malaysia’s Lexis beach resort
Great fun comes with great responsibility.  
Keep you and your loved ones safe by packing essential items for your family vacation. 


Packing for a family vacation in Malaysia during a pandemic will require more attention to details and should be done well in advance. Make sure that you pack sufficient supplies of COVID-19 prevention staples like face masks, hand sanitizers, soaps, disinfecting wipes, thermometers, latex gloves (for one-time use in public spaces) to last the entire family vacation.

If the destination for your Malaysian family vacation is a beach resort, make sure you pack enough sunblock, sunglasses, sunhats, and bathing suits for everyone. Even if you’ll be staying at a family friendly beach resort with a private pool in the room, such as Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, Grand Lexis Port Dickson and Lexis Suites Penang, sunblock is still crucial although you will be spending a lot of time in the private pool.

Remember that strong harmful UV rays may still reflect off the surrounding surfaces and onto your skin, so make sure you slather on enough waterproof sunblock before you jump into the private pool at your favourite Malaysian beach resort.


spend memorable moments with your family at lexis family friendly beach resort
Create magical memories to last a lifetime with your little ones at a family friendly beach resort.

Planning and preparing for your Malaysian family vacation may seem like a lot of work, it may even prove to be a tad stressful at times. But once you’re on your long-awaited family vacation at your favourite Malaysian beach resort and you get to share the laughter and joy with your loved ones, then it would all be worth it. 

By selecting family friendly beach resorts with proper safety and sanitation SOPs in place, you can leave your worries behind and just focus on having a wonderful time, making the most out of your Malaysian family vacation. Can’t wait to go to one of Malaysia’s popular beach resort for a much-needed family vacation, book a stay at one of Lexis Hotel Group’s family friendly beach resorts now and start planning the perfect Malaysian family vacation!

How to Plan Your Next Family Vacation in the Time of COVID-19

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