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Say “I Do!” At Your Dream Beach Wedding at Lexis Hotels & Resorts

Published April 20, 2021


Best place to have a dream wedding in Malaysia is by Malaysia’s beach

Nothing says happily ever after better than declaring your vows in front of everyone you love in a beautiful Malaysian beach wedding ceremony. Imagine yourself in a stunningly gorgeous bridal gown with the man of your dreams in your arms, and the blue sky and sea in the background, every moment of your beach wedding in Malaysia is a perfect photo op! The soothing sound of lapping waves and gentle ocean breeze will also make for the most romantic wedding symphony as your wedding veil dances gracefully before being lifted for the kiss that will seal your one true love for the rest of time.  

Book a wedding venue by Lexis Beach Resort

Saying “I do!” by the sea is no longer a dream as beach weddings are becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia. Romantic resorts in Malaysia are no longer just the best places for honeymoon in Malaysia, but are also the perfect venue to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. Chosen as the “World’s Leading Wedding Venue” as well as “Asia’s Leading Wedding Venue” by the World Travel Awards, the beachfront resorts under the Lexis brand is everything and more than what you could possibly wish for as the perfect setting for your dream beach wedding in Malaysia. 

Rent a boat and take wedding photos with your significant other at Lexis

With the help of the highly experienced weddings and events planning team of their top romantic resorts in Malaysia, you can rest assured that you can get hitched without a hitch, and need to only focus on having a great time and be fully immersed in enjoying the experience with your loved ones. 

Lexis Hotel Group provides wedding decoration by the beach

From décor to your guests’ accommodation, everything will meet your vision of the dream Malaysian beach wedding perfectly. It’s also a bonus that Lexis hotels and resorts are known to be the best places for honeymoon in Malaysia, especially their signature resorts Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson and Lexis Suites Penang that come with your very own private pool and steam room. 

Magical moment on your wedding day by the romantic beach of Malaysia

This article will share some of the details that you need to pay attention to when planning your dream beach wedding in Malaysia at Lexis hotels and resorts, so that you can better communicate your ideas and requirements to the wedding planners assigned to assist you in creating a perfectly tailored affair.


1. Location, location, location

Lexis Hotel Group provides services to prepare for you beach wedding

The best part of having your wedding at one of the romantic resorts in Malaysia is that you will have tons of fabulous venues to choose from. Lexis hotels and resorts offer more than just the best places for honeymoon in Malaysia, but also some of the most unique venues that could be the key to unlocking your dream Malaysian beach wedding. From the sandy white private beach, scenic landscaped lawn, to elegant high-ceilinged ballrooms and sea-facing terraces, there is bound to be one location that fits your vision of the perfect Malaysian beach wedding. 


2. Making a grand entrance

Extravagant Romantic Wedding at Lexis Hotel

From the music played, to the decorations for the aisle, and the ambience and the seating of the guests, every small detail counts when it comes to how you make an entrance at the beginning of your dream Malaysian beach wedding. So do not hesitate to let your creative side shine as your big day should be all about you and creating your precious memories at your favourite Malaysian romantic resort.

So whether you want your wedding processional to be grooving to the tunes of the latest Cardi B, or to have the aisle raining flower petals, or you would like to bring it to a whole new level by arriving at the resort in a private helicopter, every idea that you have is worth exploring. 


3. A taste of love

Plan your wedding with Lexis Hotel Group and leave your guests amazed   A wedding is is different without a wedding cake, Lexis Hotels have you covered

Your dream beach wedding in Malaysia wouldn’t be complete without food that would knock the socks off your friends and family. From finger food to the wedding cake, there are lots of unusual external elements that need to be taken into consideration when you’re planning a beach wedding in Malaysia. For instance, you need to take into consideration the temperature as most food will spoil faster in the outdoor heat, especially at the beach where the temperature is above average.

Fresh fruits and vegetables can also go bad if left exposed in the sun for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is best to have your wedding party or banquet catered to by a romantic resort in Malaysia, where after the ceremony you can move your friends and family into the comfort of an air-conditioned banquet hall, where all the food are to be served by the resort’s professional caterers, according to a menu that is specially customised for you by the resort’s chef and team of expert wedding planners. 


4. The dress code

Say your wedding vows and capture the beautiful beach wedding moments at Lexis Hotel Malaysia

Having an unusual beach wedding ceremony in Malaysia requires an unusual dress code, as the weather might be a tad unforgiving for the usual black-tie wedding ceremony. Sauntering around outdoors on the beach at a romantic resort in Malaysia in a formal floor-length gown would definitely be any guest’s worst nightmare! You can make it easy and comfortable for your guests by stating in the invitation that they are free to dress like they’re taking a miniature vacation to a romantic resort to Malaysia, tastefully casual will be perfect depending on the formality of your beach wedding in Malaysia. 

Allow your guests to have dancing slippers to enjoy your beach wedding

Button-down shirts with slacks or chinos for the men, and midi and mini dresses for the women will ensure that your wedding exudes a youthful, lively vibe. With the sand under your toes, you may also make shoes optional!


5. Make it a vacation for your guests

Bride & Groom hand in hand walking on the aisle by the beach

A seaside ceremony would require most of your friends and family to travel out of town to the scenic beach or romantic Malaysian resort of your choice in attendance to your big day. The thoughtful thing to do would be to help your guests to arrange for the best choice of accommodation in advance. This is why it is important for you to select a romantic resort in Malaysia that also offers the best value and experience, so that your friends and family can return to their home from your Malaysian beach wedding feeling happy and rejuvenated as if they’ve just returned from a good vacation.

Don’t forget to choose a romantic resort in Malaysia that offers preferential rates to guests of the ceremony! Check out what Lexis Hotel Group has to offer in our Hotels and Resorts page


Simple and beautiful moments at your dream wedding and honeymoon at Lexis Beach Resort

After all that planning, don’t forget to have a back-up plan for your Malaysian Beach wedding in case the weather is as unpredictable as the tides. Plan your event at a romantic resort in Malaysia that is able to offer you indoor venue options, so that you may move the ceremony indoors in case it rains or the wind gets too strong. 

All the romantic Malaysian resorts under the Lexis brand not only offer beautiful sandy beaches for outdoor events that could accommodate up to 1,200 guests, but also elegant ballrooms that could fit up to 400 guests for a grand yet intimate wedding banquet. It’s never too early to start planning your big day, so get in touch with Lexis’s wedding planning teams at,,, and now!

Say “I Do!” At Your Dream Beach Wedding at Lexis Hotels & Resorts

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