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What Makes a Five-Star Hotel?

Published December 1, 2020


Sunbath by Malaysia’s luxurious hotel Lexis Malaysia with private pool

When one thinks of five-star hotels or a five-star hotel chain in Malaysia, what comes to mind would naturally be Malaysian luxury resorts and accommodations, top-notch services and unparalleled stay experience that are the minimum benchmarks of a first-class hotel amongst the hotel chains in Malaysia. Out of the 596 hotels in Malaysia, there are 105 hotels that are awarded the 5-star rating by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC) based on six criteria.  

Three out of the four properties owned by the Lexis hotel chain in Malaysia have made it into the list and are verified as some of the best hotels in Malaysia. There are five types of hotels that qualify for MOTAC Star Ratings, namely boutique hotels, innovative hotels, highland hotels, island/beach/lake/river hotels, and last but not least, city hotels.

The grading of the hotels aims to improve the diversity of hotel services being offered, enhancing hotel service quality and maintenance of facilities amongst the best hotels in Malaysia. By referring to this list of Malaysia’s best hotels and Malaysia’s top luxury resorts, travellers will be able to ensure that they are checking in to only the best hotel chains in Malaysia which hold their own against other top five-star accommodations in the world. 

In this article, we will list out the criteria which make some of the best hotels or luxury resorts in Malaysia a genuinely top-notch five-star accommodation.


1. Qualitative and Aesthetic

To qualify as a five-star hotel, any Malaysian best hotel or Malaysian luxury resort must be highly pleasing aesthetically and have high safety, functionality, quality and taste when it comes to decorations, furnishing, decoration, sanitary ware and fittings.

Also, these Malaysian hotel chains must ensure that everything is well maintained to sustain their five-star rating. Top hotel chains in Malaysia like Lexis Hotel Group is a great example, all its signature hotels and resorts are designed by award-winning teams of designers and architects. 


2. Common Areas

Spacious and comfortable reception area for hotel guest to rest while checking-in and out

The common areas of these Malaysian best hotels and Malaysian luxury resorts must have a spacious reception area, a bar, a fine dining room or restaurant with private dining rooms, a banquet hall with prayer rooms, a swimming pool, a gym or recreation room, an outdoor garden or terrace and public restrooms before they can be qualified as five-star accommodations, and all of these facilities must feature top-quality fittings and guests’ comfort in order to obtain higher ratings.

It goes without saying that all these facilities are one of the major factors that guests would take into consideration when selecting their accommodation of choice from the extensive list of Malaysian best hotels and Malaysian luxury resorts. A fine example would be one of the top hotel chains in Malaysia—Lexis Hotel Group, where each of its properties will have its own restaurants to provide maximum convenience to its guests. 


3. Bedrooms

Comfortable and luxurious room for family vacations

When travellers are to pick and choose their accommodation of choice from the thousands of Malaysian best hotels and Malaysian luxury resorts, one of the key determining factors would definitely be the bedroom. Most major hotel chains in Malaysia definitely offer bedrooms with king-size beds and lush beddings and air-conditioning comfort.

There should also be free Wi-Fi, satellite television, free drinking water, telephone, bathroom and other facilities that would make the bedroom as homely as possible for their guests. Other than the quality of the facility provided in the bedrooms of these best hotels and luxury resorts in Malaysia, the decoration of the room will also affect the ratings given. Locally-inspired and environmental-friendly materials are very much encouraged. 


4. Services

Helicopter tour to view the island provided by 5-star hotel in Malaysia

When checking into any Malaysia best hotel or Malaysian luxury resorts owned by any hotel chain in Malaysia, one of the major concerns for any guests would be the availability of specific services that they might require during their stay there. Without a doubt, most of the major hotel chains in Malaysia offer an impressive list of 5-star services that will leave their guests wanting for nothing.

Some of the best hotels in Malaysia even go to the extent of providing 24-hour butler service. But the minimum requirement for a five-star rated hotel among any hotel chain in Malaysia would be a 24-hour reception, valet and luggage assistance, shuttle and limousine services, 24-hour in-room dining, spa service, fitness centre and more.

When it comes to dining, to qualify as five-star any Malaysia best hotel and Malaysia luxury resort must ensure that they have at least one outlet that operates no less than 18 hours a day and at least one outlet that offers both local and international cuisines, and all their dining outlets must use quality crockery, cutlery and tableware.  

Note: Some facilities and services at Lexis Hotel Group resorts are not available during the RMCO, to prioritise the health and safety of guests. Please contact the individual resorts for more information. 


5. Safety & Hygiene

All hotels in Malaysia must abide by strict safety standards to ensure the safety of their guests, especially if you check in to any Malaysian best hotels or Malaysian luxury resorts owned by some of the top hotel chains in Malaysia, then strict safety standard is definitely a given and never compromised.

Five-star rated hotels must also be at the top of their game in the hygiene aspect, where the cleanliness of the rooms and common areas of five-star rated Malaysia best hotels and Malaysia luxury resorts are held to the highest of standards at all times.

This is especially crucial now that cleanliness and sanitation needs to be taken even more seriously to break the chain of COVID-19 infection, top hotel chains in Malaysia like the Lexis Hotel Group have stepped up their game and introduce and even stricter cleaning SOP to ensure that guests are guaranteed to be safe and comfortable at their resorts. 


6. Staff

The staff of a Malaysian best hotel or Malaysian luxury resort are the backbone to any hotel chain in Malaysia. To set an example for the entire hospitality industry, top hotel chains in Malaysia must ensure that their staff are well trained and able to provide consistently par excellence services to you at every visit.  When checking in to five-star hotels, guests expect nothing less than impeccable services where the staff are able to deliver the highest levels of personalised services at every interaction, so all the best hotels and luxury resorts in Malaysia must ensure that they get it right every time to live up to their five-star rating. 

Vacations are all about treating yourself to the best of everything, and that includes choosing the best five-star Malaysian hotels and luxury resorts where you are guaranteed the best of the hospitality scene. Book a stay at one of Malaysia’s best hotels and Malaysia’s luxury resort under Lexis Hotel Group today to experience the best five-star hospitality offered by this top Malaysian hotel chain! 

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What Makes a Five-Star Hotel?

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