Beach Cleanup by Grand Lexis & Lexis Port Dickson

Beach cleanup by Grand Lexis and Lexis PD

Almost 50 members of staff from Grand Lexis Port Dickson and Lexis Port Dickson had recently dedicated their day to making the beach area surrounding the resorts cleaner and more welcoming for the resorts’ guests. With gloves on and garbage bags in hand, the resorts’ staff set off in groups to pick up whatever litter in sight.

Some were even equipped with rakes and dustpans for more thorough cleaning. Litter not only takes away the beauty of our beaches, it also threatens our wildlife and affects public health. With that in mind, all the hotels and resorts under Lexis Hotel Group take it upon themselves to carry out such activities from time to time, while at the same time partake in various environment preservation and restoration activities organised by various parties as a way to contribute to the community, as well as to lend Mother Nature a helping hand.