Join Lexis Hotel Group’s 10/10 Sale and Treat You and Your Loved Ones to A Relaxing Beach Vacation in Port Dickson and Penang

Irresistible 10-10 Lexis Getaway Deal

Kuala Lumpur, 4 October 2020   ̶  Fancy a seaside getaway to a beach resort to unwind and get your much-needed dose of vitamin sea while catching up on quality time with family and friends? 

Look no further as Lexis Hotel Group, which is known to offer guests a unique beach vacation experience with its own in-room private pools, in most of its resorts, is offering an exciting e-vouchers sale to all Malaysians from the 8th October to 15th October for all of its resorts’, as part of its inaugural PERFECT 10/10 Lexis Getaway e-Voucher Sale.