Hatta Dolmat, Ocean Hero Conservation and Miss Universe Malaysia Volunteer For Beach Clean-Up Activity Pre-KL Fashion Week 2022 At Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson

OCEAN'US Sustainable Ecotourism CSR Beach Cleanup at Lexis Hibiscus PD
Hatta Dolmat helping out with the beach clean up at Lexis Hibiscus
Some of the Miss Universe Malaysia Finalists clearing the beach area
Linora Low, aforadio host, helps out at the beach clean up at lexis hibiscus
Tincy Tan, radio announcer for aforadio, helps out in cleaning the beach at Lexis Hibiscus
Ocean Hero Advocates helping out at Lexis Hibiscus for Beach Clean Up
A staff at Lexis Hibiscus cleaning the beach
A volunteer helping out in collecting the waste from the beach at Lexis Hibiscus

Lexis Hibiscus, 15 June 2022 –  In the two months leading up to KL Fashion Week 2022, HATTA DOLMAT and OCEAN HERO CONSERVATION are proud to have successfully organised the OCEAN’US BEACH CLEAN-UP for the second year in a row at Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson. 

This year’s activity, which was held at Lexis Hibiscus, Port Dickson, aimed to spread awareness and educate Malaysians, especially fashion industry players, on the importance of recycling plastics into fabric, the devastating impact of plastic pollution especially on marine life and conserving a sustainable ecosystem and ecotourism.