Our Green Initiatives

Sustainable Hospitality - A Continuous Effort to Protect Our Planet

With nature’s splendorous blessings at the heart of our business, Lexis Hotel Group is committed to sustainable hospitality without compromising your comfort and pleasure. We operate all our hotels and resorts through a highly comprehensive Social and Sustainability Policy, as optimum effort is in place to ensure that our day-to-day operation leaves little to no footprints on mother nature. 

Lexis MY starts using biodegradable straws in restaurants instead of plastic straw to save the earth

Biodegradable Straws Replace Plastic Straws in Lexis Signature Hotels and Resorts

A heart-breaking video showing a plastic straw being forcefully removed from a sea turtle’s bleeding nose was the last straw that launched a series of anti-straw movements all across the globe. 

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Lexis Hotel Group promotes eco-friendly packaging for a greener future

Lexis Hotel Group Promote Eco-Friendly Packaging for a Greener Future

Non-recyclable packaging materials such as PET, PVC, polypropylene and polystyrene usually end up in landfills, and worse, in our rivers and oceans as pollutants that pose a threat to our environment and its inhabitants.

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Recycling effort takes centre stage at Lexis Hotels & Resorts

Recycling Effort Takes Centre Stage at Lexis Hotels & Resorts

When we recycle, used materials can be converted into new products instead of just turning into waste that will pile up at landfill sites, releasing harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses. 

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Lexis Hotel Group Pave the Way to Sustainable Hospitality with 100% Natural RiceStraws™

Lexis Hotel Group is constantly putting nature first by upgrading the single-use biodegradable straws that had been used at our hotels and resorts to 100% consumable and biodegradable RiceStraws™.

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