Reclaiming Merdeka Over COVID-19

News 2020 - Annual Independence Day During Covid-19 | Lexis Hibiscus® Port Dickson

With the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic still looming over the entire globe, this year’s Merdeka Day’s celebration may not be as grand and spectacular as what we are accustomed to, as the annual Independence Day Parade and other nationalistic performances are mostly called off due to social distancing concerns. Yet our patriotic spirits will not be dimmed, but will instead burn brighter as we remain resolute, united as one strong nation with the hope that our foreseeable future will be greater and glorious. 

This challenging time has allowed us the chance and time to reflect on how we can embetter ourselves to keep contributing to building our country, making it even stronger and impervious to any challenges and obstacles that may lie ahead. For the past few months, all Malaysians have stood together in the face of a global pandemic, doing our part to break the virus transmission and contribute to the recovery of our nation by welcoming the various National Economic Recovery Plans (PENJANA) announced by our Prime Minister with open arms, while supporting local businesses, communities, and most importantly, each other. 

August 31st,2020 will not only be the day Malaysia celebrates its 63rd Independence Day, it will also, hopefully, be the final day of the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO). With full compliance and cooperation from every Malaysian, our nation will surely be one step closer to claiming victory against the COVID-19 pandemic.