Lexis Hotels Reopen Doors to Welcome Fully-Vaccinated Guests

Woman enjoying private pool at Lexis Suites Penang

In return for months and months of  being confined to our homes to put a stop to the seemingly relentless COVID-19, we may now breathe a sigh of relief (with our masks on off course) as the third MCO is finally nearing its end and, state by state, our nation is finally showing a sign of recovery with the National Recovery Plan. We can now start counting down the days to the lifting of the current travel ban and return to the joy and freedom of interstate travelling.  

Woman relaxing in the private pool at Lexis Hibiscus

We don’t know about you but the one thing that we look forward to more than anything is being able to walk the beaches of Port Dickson and the smell of mouth-watering street foods of Penang, and off course the uniquely welcoming and familiar ambience of any one of our Lexis hotels, where guests are always so warmly greeted by the friendly staff, and guaranteed a fulfilling and relaxing time away from the stress of daily life (and yes, lockdown is very stressful!). But before we dive headfirst into the private pools of our airy water villas, let’s not forget that as responsible Malaysians, we still have a personal responsibility to play our part in eradicating COVID-19 once and for all! This can only be done if all business owners and their patrons strictly adhere to the proper COVID SOPs (and that includes you, you and you).

With that in mind, Lexis Hotel Group have gone far above and beyond to carefully plan out the implementation of the COVID SOPs as dictated by the Federal Government. Although all Lexis hotels and resorts will operate as usual, but for the sake of the health and safety of our guests as well as our dedicated staff, only individuals who fulfils the following criteria will be able to check in:

*Lexis Hotels & Resorts currently only accepts fully-vaccinated adults (aged 18 and above) residing in Negeri Sembilan (effective 26 August 2021, as part of Phase 2 of National Recovery Plan (NRP). Negeri Sembilan is currently under Phase 3 of NRP as of 4 September 2021)  and in Penang (as part of Phase 2 of NRP as of 10 August 2021). Children aged 17 years and below can be accompanied by their fully-vaccinated parents to our hotels and resorts, and must follow strict health protocols.*

If you have any doubt or uncertainty on how to qualify as a fully-vaccinated citizen or non-citizen, worry not as we have taken the liberty to sum it up into the following to make it a breeze for you to remember (You’re welcome).

  • My second SPA session was 14 days ago.
    (Completed the second dosage of Sinovac, Pfizer or Astra Zeneca at least 14 days prior to check-in date)
  • JC in February.
    (Completed the single dosage of Johnson&Johnson or CanSino at least 28 days prior to check-in date)


*All qualified individuals must present their COVID-19 Vaccination Digital Certificate, printed copies of the digital certificate will not be recognised. So fake digital certificates are a definitely a no go at all Lexis Hotels. Plus, why would you want to spend a small fortune on a fake vaccination digital certificate, when you can register and get vaccinated for free?

Besides the vetting of vaccination status, Lexis Hotel Group will also firmly implement the compulsory health screening and operating SOP within the resorts’ compound, as we at Lexis Hotels and Resorts take it upon ourselves to ensure that every guest will get to go home with nothing but the most joyful memories to look back on in their later days. Afterall, “Kita Jaga Kita” so lets work together to kick the dreadful Coronavirus into the gutter where it belongs!